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From "Brad Karels" <>
Subject <jsp:getProperty... error in scriptlets
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2001 21:33:11 GMT
I am having some issues with Tomcat 3.2 when using <jsp:getProperty...> tags
in my jsp pages.  When I insert:

for (int i=0; i < infs.length; i++) {
  inf = infs[i];
  System.out.print("in page: " + inf.getIP1());

into the page all the correct values apear as they should in the console.
However, three lines later:

<td><jsp:getProperty name="inf" property="IP1"/></td>

produces a null value on the page.  I am wondering if this is a known bug or
perhaps some kind of versioning issue?  Or if there is any other input you
can offer that would be great.

Also, in the same page, Tomcat is having issues with finding my classes.
If, at the top of the page, I use:

<%@ page import="com.supergloo.web.rack.*" errorPage="error.jsp" %>
<jsp:useBean id="inf" class="InfoBean" />

I get an 'Unable to load class...' error.  Whereas, if I use:

<%@ page import="com.supergloo.web.rack.*" errorPage="error.jsp" %>
<jsp:useBean id="inf" class="com.supergloo.web.rack.InfoBean" />

no errors occur.  All classes in this application are in this same package:
Again, known bug, version, other input-thanks.

Brad Karels

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