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From Sven Peters <>
Subject mod_jserv and graceful shutdown of balanced Tomcat Procs
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 10:53:52 GMT

I'm trying to use mod_jserv+Apache for load-balancing with tomcat running on
different machines.
Works great so far. 
Now - how do I use the status-interface of jserv to graceful shutdown
specific tomcat-processes 
so they are not included in the balance process but still get the old
With Jserv there was no problem - with Tomcat it doesn't work :-(
Does the status module actually connects to Tomcat / Jserv to get/tell the
actual status?
Has anybody experiece with it / got it work?

Thanks for any help.

Sven Peters 
20457 Hamburg | Germany - Der kostenlose Internet-Annahmeservice für Lotto und

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