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From Michael Wentzel <>
Subject AW: Re: A little off topic but Q: Control Chars in XML
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 18:29:06 GMT
> Try \uxxxx where xxxx is the unicode character code.  Just guessing,
> so you can email the list if it works.

Actually what I ended up doing was after a little searching and tinkering
between myself and Randy Layman we found that &#nn; specifies an ascii
char code in XML(Randy found this on if anyone is interested).

The nn digit value is actually in decimal.  So for a \n(line feed) I used
&#10; to insert a newline in our xml definition and the StringTokenizer
the parsed value(I'm outputting PDF not HTML so \n is meaningless).

Michael Wentzel
Software Developer
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