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From Randy Layman <>
Subject RE: Connecting to a database
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2001 16:25:38 GMT

	Any database that you can connect to using Java you can connect to
in Tomcat.  Like all software problems, this one probably has many
solutions, but the only one I know of is the JDBC-ODBC bridge (a url like
jdbc:odbc:<ODBC Name>).  These classes are installed as part of the JVM (its
optional so check your release to see if its there).  More information is on
the JavaSoft site about JDBC at
and  One thing to
note, at least on Windows, the DLL is not thread safe and will cause you a
number of problems if you try and execute 2 commands (even in 2 different
connections) at the same time.  I'm unsure if this problem exists on Solaris
(the JDBC website implies that it has been implemented for Solaris, but I've
never used it).

	Yes, Access can be accessed using SQL.  It doesn't support the more
complicated stuff that you can do in SQL Server (i.e. Transactions and
Stored Procedures), but it supports enough that you can generally get the
job done.


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From: Mick Sullivan []
Sent: Tuesday, January 02, 2001 11:42 AM
Subject: Connecting to a database

Dows anyone know how to connect to say an access database using tomcat
Can you use SQL on access??
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