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From Bill_Fellows/MO/
Subject Re: I don't want cached pages
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 19:14:48 GMT

I'd do something insane like..

<meta http-equiv="PRAGMA" content="NO-CACHE">

Not guaranteed to work for every browser and I can't remember what the other
thing you can set is, but if you did a search for the above tag in the search
engine of your choice I'm sure you'll be able to find more info.


Please respond to; Please respond to

cc:    (bcc: Bill Fellows/MO/americancentury)
Subject:  I don't want cached pages

I'm developing a website using Tomcat but I have a little problem.

I use a page that calls itself passing some parameters and based on the
parameters passed shows certain result.
The first time I call the page the URL looks like this:


and I get the "original page"
After calling itself with a parameter, the URL look like this:


and I get the "result page"
If I try to get the original page typing
http://myHost:21968/Demos/Formating.jsp in the browser, what I get is the
last page showing a result. It happens even if I call the page from a
different computer.

This is a serious problem because it means that someone accessing the site
for the first time, would see the result page generated by the parameters
passed by the last visitor instead of the original page.

The only way I've found to solve this is restarting Tomcat's service. Doing
so I won't get the result page but the original page.
But of course, I don't want to be restarting Tomcat's service everytime a
visitor wants to access the site.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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