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From Bill_Fellows/MO/
Subject session between tomcat and IIS
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 19:58:07 GMT

I'm in a bit of a peckerwood situation here.  Tomcat 3.2.1 & Apache is the
preferred apps but I have been told to integrate with an IIS machine.  Ok, so my
problem is that we create a session w/Tomcat and pass along some credentials in
the session object.  Everything is well and good except when the page needs to
go to the ASP stuff.  IIS is happy to create a session/cookie
ASPSESSIONIDGGQQGGED however, if the asp page asks about the cookie JSESSIONID
(from tomcat), it finds nothing.  Anyone have any thoughts on how to pass the
data around?  Currently, my non-elegant solution is to use a form with hidden
fields to post to the asp page and from there, it can decode the form variables.
What are some other options?


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