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From Bill_Fellows/MO/
Subject Re: JSP errors
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2001 19:49:22 GMT

It sounds like your servlet.jar is not 2.2.  Look in /lib/ for your servlet.jar
(or wherever it's in your classpath)  See what's sittin' inside.  If it's 2.2,
the interface HttpSession in javax.servlet.http should have a method
getAttribute(java.lang.String name)  and getValue should be deprecated.  If
they're not there, then that is probably why Tomcat is complaining.


Please respond to

To:   "''" <>
cc:    (bcc: Bill Fellows/MO/americancentury)
Subject:  JSP errors

Can anyone explain why I get these errors with Tomcat 3.2.7b and not another JSP
engine like Resin or Orion?
{ ...snip... }
80%2Faddressbook-web\ Method setAttribute
(java.lang.String, addressbook.ejb.AddressBook) not found in interface javax.ser
                         session.setAttribute("AddressBook", addressBook);

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