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From Bill_Fellows/MO/
Subject Re: How do I determine the admin userid and password?
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2001 23:20:33 GMT

Try this,
In /conf/server.xml
<Context ... trusted="true" ...>


"Ravi Sundaar" <> on 01/03/2001 05:17:28 PM

Please respond to; Please respond to

cc:    (bcc: Bill Fellows/MO/americancentury)
Subject:  How do I determine the admin userid and password?


I am trying to add a new context using the admin interface:


However, Tomcat requires an admin user id and password. I couldn't find it
from the documentation and so I created a user called "admin" and password
"admin" in the file tomcat-users.xml. It lets me through and then complains
with a message "You must mark the administration trusted"

Any clues?


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