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From "Charles Talleyrand" <>
Subject Tomcat & alternative authentication
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2001 03:57:27 GMT
I'm sorry if this topic has been covered recently but I just signed 
up.  At any rate, I am looking for some help or at least some 
documentation on how I supposed to use the security constraint and 
authentication and all of that.  In my web app, I had defined a 
directory that would hold my secure content and mirrored web.xml in 
the /examples directory as a starting point.  I have written a 
servlet that works just dandy to query our database and provide 
authentication and tracking for an intranet app.  I'm now stuck 
trying to glue my module into tomcat and I'm not having a bit of 
luck.  Perhaps, ok, perhaps nothing, I _don't_ understand what all is 
meant by all the authentication methods given (FORM vs BASIC).  I 
liked the functionality and apperant ease of the example secure jsp's 
and thought it'd be slick to use that for my app.  Any thoughts, 
hints, suggestions, etc. would be most appreciated.


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