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From adele <>
Subject Tomcat on a dialup connection
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 18:05:33 GMT

I have a question on downloading the Apache Tomcat server. I am wondering
if it will mess up my internet connectivity...

I'm on Win 98 on a dialup modem here in my home office. I'm paranoid of 
repeating the same annoyance that happened when I once tried running 
Allaire's JRun web server on this PC. JRun on an office TI line is fine, 
but here at home, it would automatically run every time I booted up my PC. 
It'd hijack my modem, taking over my internet connection. I would get very 
strange phone-line errors...

Every time I'd try to dial up  with my modem to check email, the JRun 
webserver would have already started (even when I did NOT want it to!). So 
I'd get a "modem busy" error message when I tried to check my email or get 
to the Internet. I resorted to forcing JRun to stop abnormally every time I 
booted up my PC, which was slow and annoying.

Will I have the same problem if I download Tomcat?? (Also, is it easy to 
uninstall later?)

Your feedback would be appreciated. Everyone I know that have Tomcat are in 
offices on T1 lines, not at home on a dialup....

Please email me, as I am not yet subscribed to your list this 
email address from a friend....Thanks!

Adele Wang

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