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From "Grobe, Gary" <>
Subject RE: tomcat and rmi
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2001 22:06:56 GMT

As far as Tomcat goes, you don't need to do anything except know the order
in which to bring it up for your applications bindings. Nothing extra needs
to be done if I remember right, been awhile. Ahhh, and don't forget to
include your stub classes in your app tree.

When I did it, my servlets were acting as RMI servers to applets on client
browsers, and were clients to a backend RMI server. I had to include the
stubs in the same location on both sides and watch the order in which I
brought them up. If I lost a connection, Tomcat does not remember who it was
talking with and will have to do another lookup upon a client connect.

Depending upon your application, watch out for who needs to bind to who
first and which processes need to be started first and distribuite all the
rmi class files on both sides just to make it simple at first. And I say
that because I don't know your app, otherwise you should know what lookups
are being done and who needs what files.

Hope it helps,

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From: jinchang wu []
Sent: Friday, January 19, 2001 5:17 AM
Subject: tomcat and rmi

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me how to set up tomcat3.2.1 to run servlet which look
up remote object using rmi?

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