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From Matt Goss <>
Subject Re: Can sendRedirect() be used to POST?
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 14:40:59 GMT
Try Forwarding the request intstead... if the origional request was a
POST then the forwarded one will be as well.
Matt Goss

David Wall wrote:
> Is there a way to setup a sendRedirect() URL to result in a POST to that
> URL?  I know I can set the contentType to
> "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", but I'm not sure how I'd set the Method
> to "POST" and how I'd stuff in a parameter that I'd like to send along.
> The root problem I am trying to solve is having a user login page that
> exists on (running on server 1), which then validates the user
> is allowed into the application, and then redirects that user to the one of
> several other web servers that has all of that user's data, such as
> or, etc.
> In our case, because we can have lots of users, we don't want to attempt to
> stuff everybody's data into one huge database.  We don't want to have a bank
> of web servers load balanced in front of a single clustered backend server
> fronting a single huge database.  So, I'd like to be able to authenticate
> the user (that service will have a large number of rows, but they will be
> fairly small -- containing a user id, hashed password and the server that
> contains the user's data), then redirect them to the correct server.  In
> doing so, I'd like that server to be able to trust that the user is actually
> logged on, so I'd like to pass in some credentials from to
> with a redirect so that app1 can be sure that the user really
> did come there from a valid logon from (it's possible that
> is not even in the same city as the server where
> resides).
> I don't think that an encrypted, base64 encoded authentication piece will
> fit in a standard URL query string because of their length limitation.
> Thanks for any thoughts...
> David
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