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From Curtz Lam <>
Subject Re: applet-servlet communication
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 06:07:50 GMT
I don't have problem using POST to submit data under IE4.0 and IE5.5.  Your
may have to do with a reported IE5.5 bug which cause data to be truncated
when it
encounters a NULL byte in the data.

As to the original question, my suggestion is to make sure to set the
Content-Length header,
as it is required by POST.

- Curtz

Allen Akers wrote:

> I ran into the same issue and found that due to some reason (purported
> to be security-related, although I can't see how) applets running under
> IE will NOT use the post protocol to submit requests no matter WHAT you
> do.  If you are insistent on using post then you'll be limited to
> running under Netscape from everything I've seen and done.  I was lucky
> that the particular applet I needed to post from (it was posting edited
> JSPs back to the web server, which is why I needed to use post) was only
> for our in-house developers, so I could tell them that they HAVE to use
> Netscape.  Unless there is a really good reason (like content length, in
> my case) that you have to use post then I'd say to use get so that
> you'll have cross-browser compatibility.
>                Allen Akers
>                Programmer Analyst
>                Strategic Web and Voice Development
>                ________________________________
> >>> 01/29/01 03:07PM >>>
>         I would guess that you are not actually POSTing information.
> Searching on jGuru just now I found a snippet of code (totally
> unrelated to
> your problem) that does an example of POST.  Its at
>  Maybe this
> example can help you to figure out what's not going quite right.  If
> you
> still can't figure it out, you will need to post code for anyone to be
> able
> to help you.
>         Randy
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Carlos R Armas []
> Sent: Monday, January 29, 2001 4:28 PM
> To:
> Subject: applet-servlet communication
> I am trying to have an applet communicate with a servlet. I don't want
> to use <form> so I can't set the method to GET/POST. I do want to
> restrict
> the servelt to only use POST, not GET.
> The HttpServletResponse/HttpServletRequest classes are being used to
> exchange the messages. I have the applet "sending" the data... I
> believe
> using the POST method. The servlet on the other hand, gets the initial
> communication and session information.... but the actual data never
> arrives and the method that the servlet claims to have used is GET.
> The
> servlet communicates back to the applet with no problem.
> Now, the question is: Is there some configuration needed so that when
> the
> applet sends the information (to tomcat?) it can be passed on to the
> servlet using the chosen -POST- delivery method?
> The servlet works fine if I test it with a html file that has a form
> which
> uses POST to send the data. So half the implementation is working.
> Any help will be appreciated.
> armas
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