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From "Lukman W. Kusuma" <>
Subject Secured Documents with Tomcat ?
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 02:26:16 GMT
Dear All,

I am sorry if my question below are one of the FAQs, but I really
couldn't choose the keyword of my issue.
I am using Tomcat 3.1 (yes, only Tomcat, no Apache) with Caldera
OpenLinux 2.4, OpenSSL, and a database to store/modify/read secured
online documentation. It works fine for all newly created  documentation
that I need to put there, but not for the old ones.

The issue is for the existing big static HTML documents

     Some of the documentation is well written in .html with
     thousands of pages. I could put it in one of the Tomcat's web
     directory and write the servlet for the first index.html (this
     way I can verify the user's session).  But once I logged in, I
     could see the link for other pages. Subsequently I don't need
     to use that servlet anymore, instead, I will use those links
     to access those pages directly.
     How should I protect those pages? Can Tomcat do it? What is
     the best solutions? Can I put it in a protected access (with
     https auth), and let my servlet checked the session (so it
     could be accessed only after the servlet verify it)?


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