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From Geoff Lane <>
Subject HTTPS to HTTP proxying
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2001 23:31:29 GMT
Ok, so 
I have a situation where we are doing an HTTPS to HTTP proxy.
Essentially a proxy recieves the HTTPS request, makes an HTTP request to
the server with Tomcat running standalone and then the response is
returned through the proxy back to the user.

So, I access something like: https://somehost/index.html and there is a
redirect in it like: out.sendRedirect( "nextpage.html" );
Tomcat in this case will return the user to
http://somehost/nextpage.html (notice no https). This makes some sense
because Tomcat sees the scheme as HTTP not HTTPS. The odd part though is
that this same setup worked with Java Web Server.

Anyone know how to handle this other than rewriting all of the redirects
to absolute URLs?

Geoff Lane <>

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