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From "Michael G. Anderson" <>
Subject Re: Which JVM for Tomcat?
Date Thu, 25 Jan 2001 20:52:04 GMT
Point well taken.

"Blackdown", assumedly, was commissioned by Sun to port Java x.y (where x.y is
the java version) over to Linux.
I assume that this meant the JDK and probably more importantly the JSDK. I
believe there were some sort of "issues" between Sun and Blackdown.
If the Tomcat initiative is supported and sponsored by Sun then the "Sun" VM
will probably be a best fit.
I don't know about the relationship  between IBM and Tomcat. If IBM follows the
specs for VM elopement as given by Tomcat then the VM good.

However all applets are downloaded to the client and executed using the
"Client's" VM.

mike anderson

David Oxley wrote:

> Right.
> 1. First of all You can write a java applet that uses java1.1 i.e. the VM
> included with netscape and IE so the user doesn't have to download anything.
> And you can still use 1.3 on the server. You don't need to install another
> vm on the server.
> 2. Can you please stop flaming each other. There are people of varying
> degrees of knowledge that use this list. If you flame in a discussion the
> experts won't read on and you won't get any help. Rather than call people
> thick answer the question in a quick way that will allow them to understand
> or don't!! If someone does call you thick, this just does not dignify a
> response.
> 3. I wouldn't mind knowing which JVM is fastest on Linux. What is Blackdown
> (I think that's what its called) like. Is it faster than Suns?
> Dave.
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> From: forsythe []
> Sent: 24 January 2001 02:21
> To:
> Subject: Re: Which JVM for Tomcat?
> > Also I will also have APPLETS running in addition to servlets & JSPson
> this
> > server... So if I create a JAVA2 APPLET that WILL require a user download,
> > right? Right.
> Fine.  What has that got to do with Tomcat or the JVM you are installing
> on your server?  Nothing.  Right?  Right.
> > If you read carefully I asked "Which jvm works BEST" The Best. BEST. Ok
> one
> > more time " THE BEST" I Tomcat supports ALL JVMs, I'm asking if people
> have
> > preferences based off experience.
> Best for what.  FOR WHAT?  Ever hear of requirements?  Right?  Right.
> > Hey 'Charles' I think you should try to learn how not to be a prick while
> > answering people questions.  Ass.
> OK.  Tomorrow I will be nicer.  I doubt that you will be any smarter.
> -- Charles
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