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From Matt Goss <>
Subject Re: <jsp:getProperty... error in scriptlets
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2001 14:14:58 GMT
Well for one thing, if your getter method is getIP1() then your jsp tag
should have property="iP1" (notice the lower case i).
try that. :)

Brad Karels wrote:

> I am having some issues with Tomcat 3.2 when using
> <jsp:getProperty...> tags in my jsp pages.  When I insert:<%
> for (int i=0; i < infs.length; i++) {
>   inf = infs[i];
>   System.out.print("in page: " + inf.getIP1());
> %>into the page all the correct values apear as they should in the
> console.  However, three lines later:<td><jsp:getProperty name="inf"
> property="IP1"/></td>produces a null value on the page.  I am
> wondering if this is a known bug or perhaps some kind of versioning
> issue?  Or if there is any other input you can offer that would be
> great. Also, in the same page, Tomcat is having issues with finding my
> classes.  If, at the top of the page, I use:<%@ page
> import="com.supergloo.web.rack.*" errorPage="error.jsp" %>
> <jsp:useBean id="inf" class="InfoBean" />I get an 'Unable to load
> class...' error.  Whereas, if I use:<%@ page
> import="com.supergloo.web.rack.*" errorPage="error.jsp" %>
> <jsp:useBean id="inf" class="com.supergloo.web.rack.InfoBean" />no
> errors occur.  All classes in this application are in this same
> package: com.supergloo.web.rack Again, known bug, version, other
> input-thanks.Brad

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