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From Brian Marshall <>
Subject Restarting Apache and Tomcat
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2001 22:53:03 GMT
Greetings all. I am installing Tomcat for the first time and I am running into
a problem.

Here's the setup:
Linux 2.2.16
Apache 1.3.14
IBM Java2 1.3
Jakarta-Tomcat 3.2.1

I am using the mod_jk include with Apache and it works fine when it loads so
our developers apps work on it but if I have to make a change that requires an
Apache or Tomcat restart I have to go through the following. For example if I
have to make a change to the server.xml file I have to reload both Tomcat and
Apache. So I stop and start Tomcat. Now I have to reload Apache. So, with
Tomcat running I do a graceful restart and Apache dies. Doesn't matter how I
try, it will not start up. With Apache now stopped I comment out the
mod_j.conf-auto include line in httpd.conf and then successfuly start Apache.
Now with Apache running, I uncomment the mod_jk include line and do a graceful
restart and the whole thing works as it should. Does anybody have any
experience with this problem or have any ideas?


Brian Marshall

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