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From Jason Pell <>
Subject Problem with apj13/jk_mod and multiple cookies!
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2001 07:11:29 GMT

I have been having heaps of problems with multiple cookies not being set
with tomcat.

I have managed to track the problem down, but do not have enough
understanding of
the APJ13/mod_jk C source to fix.

First of all multiple cookies work when I access tomcat directly
(bypassing apache), but then
as I have stated previously they all fail to be set, bar the first one.

This fragment of  jakarta-tomcat-3.2-src/src/native/jk/jk_apj13.c

} else {
                    d->header_names[i] = (char *)jk_b_get_string(msg);
                    if(!d->header_names[i]) {
                        jk_log(l, JK_LOG_ERROR,
                               "Error ajp13_unmarshal_response - Null
header name\n");

                        return JK_FALSE;

                d->header_values[i] = (char *)jk_b_get_string(msg);
                if(!d->header_values[i]) {
                    jk_log(l, JK_LOG_ERROR,
                           "Error ajp13_unmarshal_response - Null header

is where the headers are processed, and jk_b_get_string(msg); is
returning "ERROR" for
all but my first cookie, as demonstrated by the log I obtained.
Log fragment from mod_jk.log

[jk_ajp13.c (576)]: ajp13_unmarshal_response: Header[1] [Set-Cookie] =
[jk_ajp13.c (576)]: ajp13_unmarshal_response: Header[2] [ERROR] =[ERROR]

[jk_ajp13.c (576)]: ajp13_unmarshal_response: Header[3] [ERROR] =[ERROR]

[jk_ajp13.c (576)]: ajp13_unmarshal_response: Header[4] [ERROR] =[ERROR]

[jk_ajp13.c (576)]: ajp13_unmarshal_response: Header[5] [ERROR] =[ERROR]

[jk_ajp13.c (576)]: ajp13_unmarshal_response: Header[6] [ERROR] =[ERROR]


Please, Please, Please help me I do not know what to do.  I am desperate

Jason Pell

Jason Pell
Senior Analyst/Programmer - Web Developer
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