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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: mailinglist vs newsgroup
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2001 21:00:01 GMT
Jaap van der Molen wrote:

> No offense, but has anyone ever considered to put this whole mailinglist
> into a newsgroup? We must be generating tons of traffic.

Yep ... several times, as a perusal of the archives will show.

The key issues seem to be:

* Many users are behind firewalls that prohibit access to
  Usenet newsgroups -- so a switch to a newsgroup would
  disenfranchise them.

* Many users do not seem to be aware that they can set
  up their mail reading environments to give you the same
  "user experience" as when accessing a newsgroup.  For
  example, I use Netscape Communicator configured to
  auto-copy all messages for TOMCAT-USER into a folder
  for that purpose, and then maintain that folder's sort sequence
  as "by thread" (which is the same way I normally read
  actual newsgroups).  The user experience of this folder
  is identical to the way that Communicator presents
  newsgroups, except for the addition of a "Delete" button.

* No one has volunteered to set up such a newsgroup on a
  private server with two-way connections to the mailing list.
  It should be possible to do this with most newsgroup server
  software, if someone wanted to give it a try.

> Re Jaap

Craig McClanahan

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