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From Eric Armstrong <>
Subject BUG REPORT: Tomcat dies immediately under windows
Date Mon, 01 Jan 2001 21:32:26 GMT
Ah. I see it. It's a bug in tomcat.bat

The start option in tomcat.bat sets the global
CLASSPATH variable, but does not use the 
command-line option on the "start java" command
to pass it to the JVM.

The script expects the new shell to inherit
the CLASSPATH settings, as it would in Unix. 
In windows 98, however, the new shell starts
with a pristine environment.

(DOS shells are magnificently stupid in that
respect. Changing directories in a subshell
affects the PARENT shell. In other words, 
inheritance works in *reverse*. Too weird for

Two Possible Solutions:
  1. Use the java command's command line option
     to set the classpath

  2. Recurse. Make the tomcat start option
     do this:
       start tomcat run

The latter is the simpler hack, though less 

In my version, I used:
  start /minimized tomcat run

Eric Armstrong wrote:
> Note: Please use "reply all", as I am not
>       subscribed at this address.
> Problem:
>   * OS = Win98.
>   * Tomcat startup announces "it is starting in a new
>     window".
>   * A window flashes up for an instant, and then
>     disappears.
>   * No LOGS directory was created.
>   * After manually creating the directory, no log is
>     written there after a retry.
>   * The process list does not show any instance of
>     tomcat running
> I've set up Tomcat successfully under Solaris,
> so I'm somewhat familiar with the process. Obviously,
> I have some setting wrong, but what? How can I find
> out, or has anyone experienced a similar problem?

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