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From "Paul Barry">
Subject isapi_redirect strangeness
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 12:18:21 GMT

We're using Tomcat and struts for development and have installed the IIS
redirector without a hitch on 3 machines. When I went to install on another
machine, I couldn't get it to work. Symptom is tomcat getting called for the

Since I have a working system, I started to compare the set-up and could
find no difference. Reinstalled a vanilla Tomcat 3.2.1 and dll from Still didn't work.

Got the source code to the redirector and added some debug code. Now I have
more information about what's going wrong, but don't know why.

On the working machine I see the filter code in the dll recognises my
request /xyz and figures out that it should go to Tomcat to serve it. Next
thing I see, is it opening the connection to Tomcat and all is well.

On the non-working machine it gets the request for /xyz, but then sees the
request for /jakarta/isapi_redirect.dll also, and correctly returns
next_in_chain (or whatever it's called) value. However, the TOMCAT headers
that have been added by the filter have been 'lost' by the time it gets
around to handle the original /xyz.

The working machine is running IIS on NT4/SP5 and the broken machine is
running IIS on NT4/SP6a.

I see that the redirector has been tested on SP6a so that shouldn't be a
problem, but the two IIS'es seem to be behaving differently. I can
understand the IIS filter getting called for all requests, but why doesn't
the working machine show this behaviour?

Any clues?


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