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From André Alves <>
Subject problem with classpath and .jar files
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2001 16:36:09 GMT
I have the following problem: I created a structure of directories to
place mine .class and later generating one .jar. Below of 
WEB-INF/classes I have the structure: /com/mycompany/class and in
this last directory I have mine .class... Wen I run tomcat, without
grouping the class in a .jar, the program functions perfectly, but
when I group the classes in a .jar, tomcat does not can to locate the
.class. I tried to configure and, but this did not advance in nothing. It would
like to know if somebody already had some problem similar to this and
as I make to configure tomcat to use or correctly. I am using Redhat 6.1 with apache 1.3.12
and tomcat 3.2.1.

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