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Subject Re: Session creation speed
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2001 11:22:28 GMT
>When the getSession line is reached in the code it freezes 
>for around 9-10 seconds before returning a session, leading 
>the user to think theyre not going to get anything back...

That's because of the secure random number generator that's used to create the session ID
- it takes quite some time to initialize.

You could try adding 


to the JVM's command line (i.e. add the above string to TOMCAT_OPTS) which makes Tomcat use
the standard JAVA random number generator... I guess they're using the SecureRandom generator
because it'll make guessing the next session ID harder based on the current one, but I think
that that's not needed for development purposes, especially with that speed hit incurred by
using the SecureRandom generator...

Hope this helps.

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