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From "Erik G. Dybdahl" <>
Subject Re: CLASSPATH.
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2001 09:39:47 GMT
> I am using tomcat and communication with an application server.
> jBoss. I am not using jBoss embedded tomcat, I am using standalone
> tomcat with apache redirecting. I have a jar file with my ejb
> interfaces and my "helper classes" that I have placed in my lib
> dir. Tomcat loads this jar and has no problem using the helper 
> classes. However, when I attempt to call and ejb on jBoss. It
> screams about NoClassDef. However, if I stop tomcat and explicitly
> put the jar with the ejb interfaces in my classpath and restart
> tomcat everything works fine. Any ideas?

Neither JRun nor Tomcat will find classes that are needed when fetching
objects through RMI (like EJB's), if they are not in the classpath when
starting the server.
I think it's a problem with URLClassLoader, but find it strange that
I have not been able to find any references to this problem anywhere.
Has anybody any more specific info on this issue?

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