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From "Hawkins, Keith (Keith)" <>
Subject Jikes integration with Tomcat and JDK1.2.2
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2001 21:38:07 GMT

I thought I would try to use Jikes as the compiler of choice for Tomcat to
use when compiling JSPs into Servlets.  I downloaded jikes and tried to
compile a simple test app with it to verify that it works before trying to
get Tomcat to use it.  My test compiles fail with Jikes complaining that the
standard jdk jar files   (rt.jar, src.jar) etc. are an "invalid zip format"
and that it can't find packages java/lang and java/util because of this.

Has anyone seen this with Jikes?  What is the workaround?

I am using Jikes 1.12 and running under WinNT4.0,  if that helps.


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