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From <>
Subject Re: problem accessing admin context
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2000 13:47:44 GMT
 hi i am niraj
 i want to access admin context in tomcat
 but when i am going to admincontext.html
 asking a user name and password
 i used values of tomcat-user.xml for use name & password but could not get
the admincontext.html

 i used jdbc relam for username and password
 i follow the documentation and create database in sql
same given in jdbc realam docs

 after that i tried to get the admin context i still could not get the page
 but a message at console of tomcat
 is shown like
 2000-06-26 04:54:18 - ContextManager: JDBCRealm: Authentication successful
 for u
 ser tomcat
 2000-06-26 04:54:18 - ContextManager: JDBCRealm: Auth ok, user=tomcat

 i used user name tomcat and password tomcat

 but still couldnot get the page
 please help me
 have any answer?

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