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From "David Wall" <>
Subject Directory going to index.jsp
Date Sat, 13 Jan 2001 05:11:44 GMT
I'm running Apache 1.3.14 with Tomcat 3.2.1 on Linux RH 6.2 and I've noticed some odd behavior
finding the index.jsp file when a directory name is present.  As before (I was running with
JRun before), I have this in httpd.conf:

DirectoryIndex index.jsp index.html

And my Tomcat mounts look like:

JkMount /*.jsp ajp12
JkMount /servlet/* ajp12

But when I request my main URL http://localhost/ it doesn't load index.jsp but just shows
the directory listing.  If I type in http://localhost/index.jsp it runs just fine from Tomcat.
 What I did discover is that even if I put an empty index.jsp file in the Apache htdocs (main
directory), then it will serve it up.  My guess is that Apache is seeing the directory request,
checks to see if there's an index.jsp, but it's not there (since it's served through Tomcat's

Is this just the way it works, or is there something subtle I'm doing wrong?


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