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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Forum for discussing servlet container diffs?
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2001 04:11:28 GMT

I've seen a lot of discussion here and other lists (eg struts-user) generated 
by people trying to port webapps between different servlet containers, and 
running into problems. This type of discussion is:
 - of little interest to most people
 - of great interest to some people (like me)
 - very occasionally, of interest to Tomcat developers when a bug is unearthed

Does anyone know of a mailing list appropriate for this sort of discussion? 
If not, would anyone be interested in creating one? How about a central 
resource documenting incompatabilities in various servlet containers?

Btw, this is not a simple case of conforming to the relevant specs. Some 
servlet containers implement a superset of what the specs say. Eg, JRun3.0 
will accept
<%= request.getParameter("foo"); %>
as well as 
<%= request.getParameter("foo") %>

Sometimes different interpretations of the JSP arise, eg here's a contentious 
issue, either a bug in Tomcat or in JRun3.0:


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