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From "Dipankar Sinha" <>
Subject JDBCRealm - can't make it work
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 01:51:22 GMT

I am trying to setup some webpages hosted using Tomcat and I am facing
problems to access the MySQL databse from the webpages.

I have setup Tomcat-3.2.1(binary) and Apache_1.3.14 with MySQL-3.23.31 under RedHatLinux 6.2.
Tomcat, Apache and MySQL are basically working fine and jdk1.3 is installed under /usr/java.
I have to setup login authentication from the webpages accessing data from MySQL (name of
database is test). I think Tomcat supports JDBC and not ODBC and therefore I am trying to
use MM.MySQL for JDBC connectivity to MySQL. I am having lack of understanding how to properly
setup MM.MySQL in conjunction with Tomcat.

As indicated in Tomcat/MM.MySQL documentation, I have tried as follows:

1. Modified $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/server.xml to add following lines:
2. Unpacked mm.mysql.jdbc-1.2c.tar.gz under /opt
3. Have set up CLASSPATH as /opt/mm.mysql.jdbc-1.2c
4. Copied both mysql_comp.jar or mysql_uncomp.jar (one at a time) to

When I am trying to access my webpages under Tomcat, I am getting an error
message on the linux console as: java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver
Further when I am trying to access MySQL through my Tomcat webpages or
trying to stop Tomcat, I am also getting error message as:

Do I need JDBCRealm.class file? If yes, how to get and where to place? I have file under $TOMCAT_HOME/src/org/apache/tomcat/request/
but if I try to compile it, I am getting lots of errors.

In a separate environment, I have used NT4.0, JavaWebserver, MySQL and ODBC
driver. Every thing is working over there including database access from the

In the Linux setup in question, I have also installed ODBC driver and driver manager
(libiodbc-2.50.3 and MyODBC-2.50.36) for MySQL and the sample odbctest
program is able to access data from MySQL. However MySQL can not be accessed
from the WebPages and I believe Tomcat need to configured to work with the
ODBC driver if at all it can support the ODBC. Tomcat documentation is
referring the use of a JDBC driver MM.MySQL which is also installed
here(mm.mysql.jdbc-1.2c) under Linux. But the documentations are not that
clear to me and I am unable to understand and complete the associated

Can somebody help?
Thanks a million in advance.


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