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From "Bill Kocik" <>
Subject Can't get past the documentation...
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2001 02:35:38 GMT

I've got Tomcat installed (3.2.1 on Solaris x86), but I can't get past the
docs for setting it up to work with Apache. The "Minimalistic User's Guide"
states that the tomcat-apache.conf file is created each time Tomcat starts.
This is true. But the Tomcat-Apache HOWTO suggests making customizations to
this file. Why would I do that if it's going to get overwritten every time I
start Tomcat? The HOWTO suggests using mod_jk instead of mod_jserv, and then
goes on to use mod_jserv in all of it's configuration file examples. Which
am I supposed to use? And if I use mod_jk, how do I construct the config
file, since the one Tomcat writes at startup is JServ-centric? For that
matter, which config file am I supposed to be constructing, since the conf
file gets overwritten at startup?

I'm lost...

Bill Kocik
Taos - Santa Clara, CA

Quantum Mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of.

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