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From Jürgen Sommer <>
Subject Re: What is your performance like?
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 19:46:31 GMT
> Well, lets see if I can help.
> I dont find the 3.5 version particularly unstable (I hated the version

my collegue had to reinstall VA 3 times in one week ;-) that much about
stability. Maybe it all depends on what you´re doing (right or wrong,

> but what I can recomen you is to start the test enviroment for Websphere
> directly running the class SERunner. (I think this is the name, if is
> just search SER ...)

we want to run the servlets in tomcat. they run well in the Websphere
but we have problems getting them to run in a "non-ibm" server. Therefore we
created a "HelloWorld" servlet. But till now we didn´t get it running in
I can send you sourcecode for that easy example.

> Slow database query? mmmm. ????
> I can hardly believe you. I mean DB2 is a good product. If the query is
> it may be because of another problem.

right now we have a 128K ISDN connection to the AS400 machine. Next week
we will have a 2MB access. Let´s see if we get better results :-)

> There are lots of ways of optimizing queries. So I have two questions to
> you. First, does the query by itself runs fast?

its a simple "select * from table", not to complex, or is it? hehe

> Second, are you using the
> Beans from IBM? On anwer I may be able to guide you.
> most components are to simple to be really usable ¿?¿?¿?¿?
> What do you mean. Are you using the wizards?

We use the AS400 tool-beans. Lets take the grid-bean. How do you sort
the different collumns? Why does it take so much time to build the grid?
It seems that we are not allone, cause IBM´s DB2 Tools are now
build with Java, too. The grid is a bit faster, but it´s way to slow. I saw
devexpress-grid component in Delphi5 C/S and that one builds 20.000 rows
in milliseconds. No way to reach that level of speed for java.
My colleague is taking lessons this week. Next week we will try again to
solve the problems with exporting the beans to tomcat.
Maybe we can speak about what we´re doing  next week?
thanx for your help
i appreciate that much

Jürgen Sommer

> Bye,
> Gaston
> ps: isn't it a tomcat-jakarta newsgroup? (dont worry).
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> From: Jürgen Sommer <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2001 7:52 PM
> Subject: What is your performance like?
> > Hi all,
> >
> > at our company we tried to code some small servlets that
> > work with a small database. For example:
> > - connect to a DB2 database
> > - get about 100 db-entries (select from table)
> > - show them in a grid
> > We work with Visual-Age for Java 3.5.
> > The problems we discovered where:
> > - unstable workspace (VA for Java)
> > - unbearable slow database-queries (DB2 on a big AS400)
> > - most components are to simple to be really usable
> >
> > What experiences do you have with java code-developement?
> > Are db-queries so slow as we have seen it?
> > Are other tools more stable or is VA more stable at your computer?
> > Are there any components that are better to use for a good
> > GUI?
> >
> > I was just curious if there are people having the same problems as we
> have.
> >
> > thanx to you
> > sincerely
> > Nostromo
> >
> >
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