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From <>
Subject virtual host with iis --new comer
Date Sun, 25 Jun 2000 06:07:14 GMT
hello, i am
i have a problem with virtual host with iis and tomcat
i have created tow sites and
root of abc in iis c:\webs\abc\iis
root of xyz in iis c:\webs\xyz\iis

the real ip of the computer is
both sites are created on iis
just i want that the request of abc( of jsp and servlet is handled by tomcat
as well as with xyz(
so i have created two context with <host> tag

my last lines of server.xml is

<Host name="" >
    <Context path="" 
             reloadable="true" />

<Host name="" >
    <Context path="" docBase="C:\webs\xyz\tomcat" 
             loadable="true" />

due to less speed and mem. usage of java i want only one instance of tomcat
i also want that the request of xyz( is must not received by abc

same thing i want to update in my real server

in tomcat home directory of abc and xyz contains two folders
1. jsp
2. web-inf

my problem is that request is handeled by tomcat using port like
for both xyz and abc
but there is 404 error with

as given in docs i check my registry,
jakarta virtual directory and rights
arrow of isapi filter  allt these are ok 

so what is the problem?

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