Hi, Beti
You may be referencing to the file in the wrong case. Tomcat 3.2 is case sensitive. (I do read files in mapped drives in both NT/98 without a problem... Maybe there's an issue with Win2k)
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From: Betty Chang
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Sent: Monday, December 18, 2000 4:35 PM
Subject: wierd problem reading remote mapped files in servlets

Hi all -- has anyone seen this problem?   I running a servlet on Windows 2000, or NT, and it's trying to read a file that is mapped from a remote machine (e.g.:  m:\junk.txt, where m: is mapped to something on the network).  On Windows 2000, the drive will actually disconnect on me (when I run "net use", I see that)  and the program cannot read the file.
If I run the program as a main(), things work fine.
Any clues??

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