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From Ethan Michaels <>
Subject RE: Bizarre problem -- works fine, then doesn't
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 18:30:47 GMT
I have restarted Tomcat again this morning, and all the material that was
in the logs is no longer there (since the restart). That seems a little
weird. Is that normal?

Anyway, I recall that none of them had anything that looked like an error
message. The jasper log recorded a series of requests and the parameters
that were sent. The servlet log just had a series of about 15 entries that
began with

Context log path= ...

I don't remember exactly what was in the Tomcat log. I'll have to wait til
the thing stops working again and take a look. Meanwhile, I'll explore this
dropped database connection concept. Maybe there's something to that.



>> I have discovered that restarting Tomcat returns everything to smooth
>> functioning. It appears that somehow, in the middle of the night, some
>> condition changes and causes the Web apps to fail. What could be
>> happening?
>So, ah, is the only information you have to go on? For instance, what's
>in the logs? (Is there a dropped database connection, like there was in


Ethan Michaels

Transportation planning, financing, and
coordinating for the San Francisco Bay Area


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