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Subject Re: Tomcat3.2 final doesn't support user defined MIME type
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2000 06:58:18 GMT
> Bug:
> Tomcat3.2 doesn't support user defined MIME type in added
> "TOMCAT_HOME\conf\web.xml".  Instead, it returns text/plain.

You should set the MIME types in the webapplication's web.xml.

This has been a source of confusion in the past, and a big mistake - if
you want portable web applications you need to define all the settings for
the application in WEB-INF/web.xml - not in tomcat's config.

In the past, tomcat used to read TOMCAT_HOME/conf/web.xml as a
configuration file - that was before server.xml was really used. It was a
nice and cool idea initially - but it was very wrong as it led to a lot of
confusion in the code and for the users. 

> Another prove is: after I delete "TOMCAT_HOME\conf\web.xml" file, the
> tomecat still starts up without complaining or error.  It seems to me that
> tomcat doesn't read "TOMCAT_HOME\conf\web.xml" file.  Nor such messages
> printed on the dos prompt window.

That's perfectly true. All server configuration is in server.xml

The best workaround is to define the setting in your application's 
web.xml file.

Thanks for the report,

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