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Subject Re: Tomcat 3.2 - Default web.xml not being read
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 21:44:06 GMT
> > Given that the default web.xml is not being read, how do you enable Jikes as
> > the JspCompiler?  That setting used to be in web.xml.  What's the syntax to
> > specify it in server.xml, or did we lose this functionality for Tomcat 3.2?
> > (If so, could it be put back, or define a syntax in server.xml for it?).
> I'll try to write a small interceptor that sets the compiler and other
> options for jasper ( probably next week it'll be ready ). ( that will not
> require a new release of tomcat - you just install the interceptor in the
> classpath and add it to tomcat.jar ).

Ok, I don't think it'll be ready next week - you can use it today, it took
10 minutes to write and test :-)

You can set all the options that jasper knows - compile the interceptor (
you need tomcat jars in CLASSPATH ), add it to CLASSPATH, and then 
add in your server.xml ( after WebXmlReader ):

( run javadoc and read all other options you can set ).
It should work with any tomcat 3.2 - in 3.3 there is already one 
( JspInterceptor ) that does a much better integration ( and is faster
than the servlet used in 3.2 ).


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