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From Tom De Medts <>
Subject Solution for garbled or
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 11:09:08 GMT
Hi everyone,

I've had the same problem as many of you, namely the fact that I got some
weird message about the jk/jserv module which was garbled.

In fact, in my case, this problem was caused by the fact that the command
"apxs" that I used to compile this module, was NOT the same as the one
which was delivered with the Apache distribution - it was some older
If you use the included Makefile.linux file to compile this module, you
should make sure that you set the APXS environment variable to the right
one (the one in your apache/bin directory), and you should UNCOMMENT the
ifndef APXS things in the Makefile.linux as well.

I hope this solves the problem for most of you (at least it did help in my

	-- Tom

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