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From Endre Stølsvik <>
Subject Re: Tomcat threads..
Date Sun, 24 Dec 2000 20:46:03 GMT
On Sun, 24 Dec 2000, Kief Morris wrote:

| Endre Stølsvik typed the following on 09:23 PM 12/23/2000 +0100
| >| > I'm trying desperately to get tomcat to use only ONE thread. But I always
| >| > seem to end up with 10 or so..
| >
| >Yes, this is only for development purposes. I have a bunch of separate
| >server setups on one box, one for each developer (because of the not
| >working at all reload issue on tomcat 3.2).
| >  Only one guy is using each tomcat, so the whole point is that I don't
| >want a bunch of threads doing nothing.
| Why not?

Because it annoys me?!

| It seems to me you're spending a lot of effort chasing a red herring.
| Are you worried about the performance impact of unnecessary threads?
| What makes you think reducing it down to a single thread would make
| a noticeable difference on your box? I'm skeptical that it would.

OK, ok, I'll let it go, then.. :-)

(Linux "process-threads" DO use resources though. I'm now trying green
threads! :)

The main reason is that I kind of wondered if my configuration really was
working, me specifying max 3 threads, while getting 10-12. So, again,
Tomcat really uses about 10 "background threads"? If so, I'm OK with that.

Merry christmas! Just taking a slight break from all the Christmas fat!


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