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From Endre Stølsvik <>
Subject Re: Tomcat threads..
Date Sat, 23 Dec 2000 20:23:17 GMT
On Fri, 22 Dec 2000, Craig R. McClanahan wrote:

| Endre Stølsvik wrote:
| > I'm trying desperately to get tomcat to use only ONE thread. But I always
| > seem to end up with 10 or so..
| >
| > I guess this is because of tomcat internals, but just how many threads
| > does tomcat really need?
| >
| Tomcat needs one thread for each simultaneous request you want it to be able to
| handle, plus a few assorted background threads (such as checking for expired
| sessions).
| Even if you modified Tomcat to use only one thread, you would be terribly
| disappointed with the performance.  Consider that most browsers (by default)
| will initiate multiple requests, even for a single user, to retrieve images on
| that page.

Yes, this is only for development purposes. I have a bunch of separate
server setups on one box, one for each developer (because of the not
working at all reload issue on tomcat 3.2).
  Only one guy is using each tomcat, so the whole point is that I don't
want a bunch of threads doing nothing.

I'm wondering about how that threadpool is working (I set it up with max
3, 0 min_spare and 1 max_spare. But I still got around 10-12 threads
(Linux ps shows this because of the hack linux uses for threads)). Just
how many background threads is tomcat actually using?



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