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From John Marquart <>
Subject This List is over-whelming
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2000 15:00:53 GMT
	Is there any way to make a digest form of this list available?  Is
there an archive?  I cannot find one mentioned at the jakarta homepage.

This list generates a huge amount of traffic - much of it redundant or
already contained in the faq.  This is the kind of traffic that will most
likely beat your best and brightest into the darkness and turns off
novices such as myself.  I have not been on a technical mailing list in
quite some-time which responds as consistently to questions already in the
FAQ.  The very few non-FAQ threads that I have found on the list have been
great and have taught me alot, but the noise-to-signal ratio in general is

Once before there was a discussion about moving/adding a newsgroup /
digest format.  The newsgroups idea was shot-down because it would be
possible that some individuals would not be able to access it from behind
firewalls.  Can we have a digest then?  Most mailing-list software can
handle digests - it cannot be that difficult to configure.

If such a digest already exists - I apologize, and beg you to add its
subscription information to the mailing list pages.

thank you,

John "Jamie" Marquart		|     This message posted 100% MS free.
Digital Library SysAdmin	|  Work: 812-856-5174   Pager: 812-334-6018
Indiana University Libraries	|  ICQ: 1131494	 	D'net Team:  6265

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