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From "Dave Newton" <>
Subject RE: path problem
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2000 23:48:49 GMT
> I made some changes on server.xml and tomcat.conf file (Context path,
> Alias...etc), but it didn't work.  for example, i changed the line in
> tomcat.conf file Alias /myApp
> to Alias / "/usr/local/jakarta-tomcat-3.2/webapps/myApp" Then i got error.

I did this by putting the following in my server.xml file, but I'm a newbie,
so I don't know if this is a Good Way to do This-any comments?

<Host name="">
    <Context path=""
             debug="0" />

so that I could serve JSP pages from the same place I was serving PHP etc.
pages~but like I said, I have no idea if this was a cool idea.


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