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Subject A GUI tool for starting / stopping Tomcat
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 17:33:31 GMT

I wrote a GUI tool for starting and stopping Tomcat.
When developing Web Applications with Tomcat usually you end up restarting
Tomcat 10-20 times a day. In order to make this process as quick as
possible I wrote Tomcat Panel which is a JFrame that contains three
buttons: Start, Stop and Restart that control Tomcat process. More
information you can find in the readme.html file in the package.

The attached zip file contains the class and java files. If you are using
NetBeans, you can open the .form files in it.

If you find this tool useful, let me know, I can add additional features,
fix bugs ,etc.
Maybe it could be a part of the Tomcat?

Faustas Zilinskas

(See attached file:
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