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From "Mike Spreitzer" <>
Subject How to use Tomcat 3.2 + SSL + non-Sun SSL provider?
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 16:05:45 GMT
I've downloaded Tomcat 3.2, and am using IBM's JDK 1.3 on an AIX 4.3.3 
machine.  I want to use Tomcat 3.2 + SSL, but with an SSL provider other 
than Sun's.  Specifically, IBM's (  I have 
downloaded and installed IBM's JSSE and its prerequisites, but I see that is hard-coded to use  So it looks like I have to edit 
and rebuild (or at least clone and rename/repackage) all or this part of 
Tomcat.  Am I off track yet?  I haven't noticed anything in the 
instructions about doing this.  In particular, although the "binary" 
distributions of Tomcat seem to include source, the 3.2 binary 
distribution does not (as far as I can tell) include any instructions on 
how to rebuild.  I see it does include conf/build.xml; am I to just use 
Ant and plunge in?


PS: I'll be away from my mail for a while, so please CC your answers to 
the list so that colleagues can benefit.  Thanks again.

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