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Subject Worker Classpath
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2000 22:05:58 GMT
Does anyone know of a way to override the classpath for a single AJP13
worker?  I'd like to have a worker (or set of load-balanced workers) set
aside which has a classpath set to point at a location where the java files
will not be changed (a "staging" type of environment - com.mycomp.temp for
example) - but have another http server on another port which sends
requests to another set of workers whose classpath points to another java
"development" directory which will constantly be changing (also
com.mycomp.temp but from a different unix directory).

I realize I could just copy tomcat and change the ports and it would do the
same thing - but if possible I'd like to use the workers and run only one
tomcat instance.


- Brent

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