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From "Corey Cole" <>
Subject Tomcat-IIS Howto doc feedback
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2000 22:36:06 GMT
I've got some feedback on the Tomcat-IIS howto docs.

I just installed the Tomcat 3.2 release build on an Alpha-NT machine, and I
some initial difficulties.  Perhaps my eyes glazed over, but I missed the
" should now start Tomcat..." in the "Configuring the ISAPI
redirector" section.
It might be helpful to add confirmation of that step to the troubleshooting
under WinNT Section 5.A.2.  I would propose an addition item d:
"Make sure the Tomcat service has been started via

Keep up the great work.  I look forward to putting Tomcat through it's paces
my AlphaNT box.


Corey Cole

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