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From "Joseph Wong" <>
Subject Servlet and JSP mapping in Tomcat + Apache
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 10:24:55 GMT

I want to use Apache + Tomcat to develop JSP and Servlet programs, where 
Apache serves HTML pages and Tomcat serves JSP and Servlet.

How to make mappings for JSP and Srvlet such that: 

1) http://host-name/jsp/*.jsp --> go to jsp directory and run jsp
2) http://host-name/servlet/servlet-name --> go to servlet directory and 
run servlet.

And jsp and servlet should be in the same context so that jsp and servlet 
programs can communicate.

I have tried to create a context "/jsp" and mapped to jsp directory, also 
created "web-inf\classes" under jsp directory to hold servlet programs. In 
that way, i can call servlet programs by "/jsp/servlet/servlet-name". 
However I CANNOT call servlet programs by "/servlet/servlet-name" in 

Please help.........
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