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From "Hernandez, Rey" <>
Subject Tomcat 3.2 + Apache 1.3.14 + Windows NT 4 + mod_jk
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2000 18:37:24 GMT
Hi all,
    I know this has probably been addressed before, but I can't find
documentation on this anywhere, I checked the list archive, I've looked in
the documentation, I've checked the readmes and I've looked at the mod_jk
documentation very closely.  I can get Tomcat up and running just fine as a
standalone.  I can get it running with apache when I use the mod_jserv
module.  When I try to get Tomcat running with Apache using mod_jk, apache
won't start and I can't find errors in any of the log files.  I'm sure
someone has run into this problem at some point and I would appreciate a
little light to be shed on this situation.
Thanks in advance,

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From: Duane Morse []
Sent: Friday, December 08, 2000 11:56 AM
To: ''
Subject: RE: Error Messages

I think you can get errors of this type if the user clicks the STOP button
on the browser before the
response is completely transmitted (or, equivalently, when the user closes
the browser prematurely).

Duane Morse, Eldorado Computing Inc., Phoenix AZ 

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From: Parayali, Jayesh 1065 []
Sent: Friday, December 08, 2000 12:40 PM
To: ''
Subject: Error Messages

I am running tomcat 3.2 on windows NT workstation 

I am getting the below messages 

2000-12-08 11:08:38 - Ctx( ): IOException in: R(  + /00.jpg + null)
Connection aborted by peer: socket write error 

Anybody encountered this problem? 


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