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From Steven Newton <>
Subject RE: webapps are useless toys?!
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 20:46:01 GMT
> So assuming the site requires "single sign-on".  And that there are
> several segmentations of the site, each of which could
> be handled by a different web-app:
> I'm getting the impression that I'm supposed to do some
> kind of magic with the session cookie.  Is it necessary
> to persist all of the session data, to be shared between
> web-apps, in the database?  Or is there a trick for finding
> the in-memory session data for another web-app?

A database would be necessary if you want the session information
to persist across server shutdowns, but if you just want to share
it amongst web apps there are alternatives.  You could, for example,
set up a JNDI context where all web apps needing access to particular
session information could store and retrieve session variables.
There's a number of ways to share session without going to a database

> What's the rationale behind this architecture?

Security, for one.  Multiple web apps running in the 
same application server are isolated from running into
each others' space.


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