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From "Riley,R" <>
Subject tomat - how it works - caches servlets?
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2000 10:39:57 GMT

I'm new to tomcat and am struggling to understand why a re-compiled class is
not being used by a servlet.  I've cleared out the 'work' directory.

I've tried starting and stopping tomcat and have all of the servlets class
files in jars in its webapps classes directory and the server.xml has the
servlet's context set to reloadable="true"

As I understood it new class definitions should be picked up when tomcat is
re-started.  A reloadable="true" should result in the new definition being
picked up even without re-starting tomcat.  But I'm still getting an old
class from a ,now, non-existent, jar file being used.

Does tomcat cache servlet output?  This might explain why an 'old' page is
being returned.  If tomcat caches servlet pages is it possible to
configure/clear the cache?

Many thanks

Ron Riley

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